Article- I

Name & Object

Section 1

The Society shall be called ‘The Zoological Society, Kolkata’ and shall be located in Kolkata.

Section 1

The aims and objects of the Society shall be
(a) Association of persons interested in zoological science for the furtherance of the cause of Zoology and Zoologists.
(b) Presentation and discussion of new or important facts and problems in Zoology.
(c) Adoption of measures as shall tend to the advancement and popularization of the subject.
(d) Publication of Proceedings, Journals, Memoirs and other matters as may be desirable.
(e) Securing and managing funds, endowments for the promotion of zoology.
(f) Performing all other acts that may assist in conduce to or necessary for the fulfillment of the aims and objects of the Society.

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