Article- III


Section 1

The administration of the Society shall vest in an Executive Committee.

Section 2

The Executive Committee shall consist of one President, two Vice-Presidents, one General Secretary, one Joint Secretary, one Treasurer, one Editor-in-Chief, one Associate Editor, one Secretary for Foreign Correspondence, one Business Manager, one Librarian and ten [9 and 1 Associate member] members.
New Executive Committee should be empowered to co-opt two other members considering their interest and commitment to the Society and Head of the Department of Zoology, University of Calcutt.The term of office of the Executive Committee shall be for two years.

Section 3

The members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by ballot once in every two years and the result will be declared in the year concerned at the Annual General Meeting of the Society. Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor will be nominated by the Executive Committee. The official term shall commence within a fortnight after Annual General Meeting.

Section 4

The office-bearers in Section 2 shall discharge the duties usually to their respective offices (see bye-laws)

Section 5

Vacancies in the Executive Committee arising out of nonacceptance, resignation, death or otherwise shall be filled in by the Executive Committee at its next meeting and such changes shall be reported to the next executive meeting of the Society.

Section 6

The Executive Committee can propose such bye-laws as may appear conducive to the good administration of the Society, and the attainment of its objectives, provided such bye-laws are not inconsistent with anything in the constitution and are approved in a general meeting of the Society.

Section 7

There shall be an editorial board consisting of the Editor-in-chief, the Associate Editor and 13 other members. The members of the Editorial Board shall be nominated by the Executive Committee and they will remain in the office for two years.

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