Section 1

All elections to the Executive Committee shall take place after the close of its financial year in March.

Section 2

The General Secretary shall prepare a list of members of the Society on the role on March 31st of the year. Such members will be entitled to vote. A list of voters shall be circulated amongst the members at least six weeks before the date of the general election and invite nomination from the members, for each in the prescribed form. The nomination paper duly filled in, along with the consent of the nominee or nominees for each official shall be returned to the General Secretary within a fort night from the date of issue. A candidate can not seek election to more than one office. If nomination is not received for any of the office or offices on the expiry of the scheduled date, the Executive Committee shall nominate person or persons for those offices. The Secretary is to conduct the election process on behalf of the Executive Committee. If the Secretary contest for any of the Executive posts then the Executive Committee will nominate one election officer who is not contesting the ensuing election.

Section 3

The General Secretary shall announce date of scrutiny of nomination papers and last date of withdrawal of nomination papers. After proper scrutiny he shall prepare the ballot paper from the nominations and such ballot papers shall be circulated amongst the voters at least three weeks before the general election each year. The ballot paper shall have a blank space to put mark of elect against the desired candidates by the voters. Such ballot papers shall be returned to the General Secretary, as advised by him in special envelops provided for the purpose within a fortnight from the date of issue.

Section 4

One of the Executive Committee members shall be elected or nominated by the Associate (students) members only.

Section 5

The General Secretary shall notify the date of counting of ballot paper. At the time of counting there should be scrutineers appointed by the General Secretary besides the candidates in person or their authorised representatives.

Section 6

A majority shall elect. In case of a tie the election shall be decided by a toss by the President, or the Chairman of the meeting.

Section 7

There shall be an Editorial Board consisting of the Editor-in-Chief, the Associate Editor and 13 other members. The members of the Editorial board shall be nominated by the Executive Committee and they will remain in the Office for two years.

Section 8

All retiring members of the Executive Committee shall be eligible for re-election. The Executive Committee shall co-opt the retiring General Secretary in Executive Committee if he is not elected as a member in the newly formed Executive Committee.

Section 9

All election disputes relating to election to the Executive Committee shall be referred to in writing to the President within two days of the announcement of the election result. The decision of the President shall be final.

Section 10

. In conducting Election if there is any contesting candidate against General Secretary then one Presiding officer may be appointed by the Executive Committee in smooth conduct of the Election.

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