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Section 1

The annual subscription for Ordinary and Associate members without journals shall be Rs.300/- & Rs.200/- respectively.The subscription of life membership with journal shall be Rs.5,000/- only. All the life members with journal will receive a free copy of the Proceedings of the Society. The subscription of Life Member without journal shall be Rs.2,000/-. A sum of Rs.100/- only will have to be paid by the members of all categories as admission fee. The Fellowship enrolment fee is Rs.3000/= only.

The life membership subscription will be fixed with the banks and the annual interest accrued in the Savings Bank Account maintained for the same will be spent. The Building Fund amount will remain fixed for a long time which may be utilized at the time of need of the Society.

Section 2

A member of ten years standing without any break, shall have the privilege to become a life member on payment of a consolidated sum of Rs.1000/- only. Life member without journal shall have the privilege of getting the journal during his/her life time on payment of a consolidated sum of Rs.3000/- only.

Section 3

Any member in arrears of subscription for one year shall cease to be a member of the Society. Upon payment of arrears he/she shall be reinstated by the Executive Committee.

Section 4

The financial year shall begin on the 1st April and end on the 31st March of the following year. Annual subscription shall fall due on the first of April each year.


President And Vice-Presidents

Section 1

The President shall preside at all meeting of the Society.

Section 2

One of the Vice-Presidents shall preside at sessions designated by the President.

Section 3

One of them shall assume the duties of the President in the latter’s absence.

Section 4

In the absence of the President or any of the Vice-Presidents, the member present shall elect a Chairman for that meeting, from amongst themselves.

Section 5

On the resignation of the General Secretary or in case of non-acceptance of the office by the newly elected General Secretary, the Executive Committee meeting may be called, if necessary, by order of the President of the Society.


General Secretary And Joint Secretary

Section 1

The General Secretary shall keep the records of the Society, look after general administration and management of the Society.

Section 2

The General Secretary shall normally convene meeting of the Executive Committee with at least seven days notice and general meeting with ten days notice. However, in case of emergency, a General meeting (scientific lectures) may be convened by the General Secretary at his discretion.

Section 3

He shall be an ex-officio member of all the Committee appointed by the Society.

Section 4

The Joint Secretary shall assist General Secretary in his duties.



Section 1

The Treasurer shall be in charge of the funds of the Society.

Section 2

At the Annual General Meeting of the Society he shall present an audited statement of accounts of the Society, which shall be circulated in advance amongst the members at least a week before the Annual General Meeting.


Business Manager

The Business Manager shall be responsible for the proper management of the business side of the Society.



The Librarian shall be responsible for the proper up-keep of the Society’s Library and the preparation of list of Books, Journals and Periodicals with the clear ideas of total holdings of the Library which may be printed and circulated for ready reference of the readers and members.


: Editorial Board

The Editor in-Chief and the editorial board shall be responsible for editing the manuscripts for the Proceedings and other publications of the Society.


Associate Editor

Associate Editor shall be responsible for assisting the Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board for printing of the Proceedings and other publications of the Society through the press.


: Secretary For Foreign Correspondence

The Secretary for Foreign Correspondence shall correspond with and contact foreign institutions for exchange of publications and other matters of common interest.


Appointment Of Auditor

The General accounts of the Society will be audited by a qualified Auditor having registered firm every year and such audited accounts will be placed in the Executive Committee meeting for observation before the annual general meeting Which will finally be placed in the Annual General Meeting for its observation and approval by the general body members. The general members of the Society will appoint the Auditor at the Annual General Meeting of the Society every year.