Article- I
Name & Object Section 1 The Society shall be called 'The Zoological Society, Kolkata' and shall be located in Kolkata. Section 1 [...]
Article- II
A. Membership Section 1 The membership of the Society shall consist of four classes. (a) Ordinary membership open to all (those who have [...]
Article- III
Administration Section 1 The administration of the Society shall vest in an Executive Committee. Section 2 The Executive Committee [...]
Article- IV
Quorum Section 1 Seventy members shall constitute a quorum for the general meeting of the Society, twelve shall form a quorum for the [...]
ANNUAL GENERAL ELECTION Section 1 All elections to the Executive Committee shall take place after the close of its financial year in [...]
CHANGES OF THE CONSTITUTION Section 1 Amendments to the constitution may be adopted at the annual general meeting of the Society upon [...]