Section 2

The Executive Committee shall consist of a President, two Vice-President, a General Secretary, two Joint Secretary, a Treasurer, an Editor-in-Chief an Associate Editor, a Secretary for Foreign Correspondence, a Business Manager, a Librarian and ten / 9 (other0+1 (Associate)/ members.

New Executive Committee should be empowered to co-opt two other members considering their interest and commitment to the Society.


The undergraduate and postgraduate teachers of the Department of Zoology, University of Calcutta formed an association of zoologists in the name of ‘The Zoological Society of Bengal’ in the year 1946. In 1954, the name of the Society was changed to ‘The Zoological Society, Calcutta’. Subsequently, the change of the name of Calcutta, the Society has been reregistered as “ The Zoological Society, Kolkata” in 2003. Prof. H. K. Mookherjee was the first elected President of the Society and he held that position till his death in 1955. Other distinguished scientists and personalities of the country, who were associated with the Society at its formative stage, included Dr. S. L. Hora, Dr. A. N. Roychaudhury, Justice Latifur Rahaman of East Pakistan, Maharaja Srish Chandra Nandy of Cassimbazar, etc. The first Annual General Meeting was held in 1948. The second Annual General Meeting was graced by the presence of His Excellency Chakraborty Rajagopalachari.

Profiles of the Society : The ever expanding profile of the Society has to be updated on a regular basis. The present profile is as follows (upto March 31, 2011)

Executive Committee :
Hony. Foreign Fellow :
Hony. National Fellow :
Fellow Life Member with Journal :
Fellow Life Member :
Life Member with Journal :
Life member :
Ordinary Member :
Associate (Student Member) :

1) S. P. Basu Memorial Medal From (1964) – donated by his well wisher, brother and Prof. F. E. J. Fry of Canada.
(Topic is alternately on “Fish & Fisheries” and “General Zoology”.
2) D. N. Ganguly Memorial Medal ( from 1983) – donated by Mrs. Tatini Ganguly
(On the basis of an essay competition on general Zoology. Topic is selected by the Executive Committee).
3) D. N. Raychaudhuri Memorial Medal (From 1984) – donated by Mrs. Arati Raychaudhuri.
In earlier year the Executive Committee of the Society used to award two medals from its own fund.
(a) One medal every year of the student securing highest mark in Biology in the I. Sc. Examination of the Calcutta University.
(b) Another medal every year on the late Dr. A. N. Mitra to the student securing highest mark in Zoology (Hons.) practical examination of the Calcutta University. Award of the aforesaid two medals were, however, discontinued later.

It will not be out of place to mention here some donation of reprints, books and other collections from some senior zoologists, associated with the society from the beginning.
(1) Prof. J. L. Bhaduri – Entire collection of reprints on Amphibia bound in 25 volumes.
(2) Dr. M. M. Chakraborty – Entire collection of reprints on Protozoa & other parastes bound in 6 volumes.
(3) Prof. S. P. Ray Chaudhuri – (a) Encyclopaedia Britannica – bound. 14th Edition – volumes
(b) Scientific American – bound 10 volumes
(c) Human machines – bound 8 volumes
(d) Many interesting text of books on Biology and Cytogenetics
(e) Entire collection of reprints on Cytology & Genetics
( bound 37 volumes )
(f) A sectional book case.
(4) Dr. S. P. Sarkar – Some text books in Zoology, bound volumes of different memoires, assorted reprints on fish, bird & mammals ( about 50)
The following Syposia have been arranged successful by the Society.
(1) 1961 Introduction of Higher Secondary Education and future of Zoological Teaching at University stage
(2) 1962 Cell Biology
(3) 1963 Recent trends in Parasitology
(4) 1973 Oriental Entomology
(5) 1976 Modern Trends in Zoological Researches
Financial support to hold these were received either from U. G. C., D. S. T. or C. S. I. R. and a taken grant from Calcutta University in all cases.